Saturday, 7 December 2013

Devops afternoon in Khobar- Saudi Arabia

Devops, and web operations did not pick up in the middle-east as it did in US, Europe, China, and India. We had a chance to present at the HPC Saudi 2013 user group conference that was coordinated by our technology planning engineer Khalid Chatilla, and Intel/IDC. we decided to check with CFEngine, PuppetLabs, Ansibleworks, and Opscode if they can participate, and they showed interest even though it is already end of year, and budgets already consumed, not to mention the short notice , logistics and planning that needs to take in action to secure their coming to Saudi Arabia. at the end Ansibleworks, and Puppetlabs managed to come and delivered an awesome afternoon, my colleague and friend Ahmed bu Khamessin with his limited graphical resources was able to capture some of these moments by his video camera and even though the sound quality is not great, he made it public to the world.  you can see my intro slides, and Ahmed videos below

Prezi Introduction to Saudi Devops Days  with use cases from CFEngine, and Chef.

Ansible presentation :

 Puppetlabs presentation in youtube

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