Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Virtualbox guest host NATed

After installing CentOS6.4 as guest OS in Windows 8.0 and configuring the single network interface using NAT mode, I could not from first instance ssh using putty to the guest OS DHCP ip address given as

I had to power off the Guest and enable port forwarding first as described in NATFORWARD section under NAT networking mode on chapter 6 of the users manual.


Below are the commands i used to configure and check port forwarding

 .\VBoxManage  listvms
 .\VBoxManage modifyvm "CentOS01"  --natpf1 "guestssh,tcp,,2222,,22"
  .\VBoxManage.exe showvminfo CentOS01 |findstr "2222"
NIC 1 Rule(0):   name = guestssh, protocol = tcp, host ip = , host port = 2222, guest ip = , guest port = 22
in putty host = localhost and port will be in this case 2222

the above was done to test the ORD OpenStack Red Hat distribution, i had several failures before i was able to install it using the quickstart successfuly. first due the disk size, the disk size should be over 22 Gbyte so that Cinder can create 20Gbyte disk by default, second the selinux needs to be enabled. and every time it fails you need to remove cinder packages and logical volume manually before restarting the installation and cleaning up the bits and pieces from old installation.

a succesfful install should not take over 20-30 mins.

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