Wednesday, 23 January 2013

CFEngine3 by examples

CFEngine3 by examples : CFEngine3 3.4.x is the latest community release from CFEngine, one of the new features that was missing is the publicly available reusable easy to do/read policies. in the terminology of CFEngine i believe it is called sketches,  they are another form of describing your system desired end state using promises, however in this case you are getting them, or publishing them in Design-Center.  Nick Anderson a Motorola employee and an experienced long term CFengine and advocator have released publicly an easy to develop and test environment using vagrant in Github.  along with examples to get one started quickly. ignoring the download times of Vagrant, Git, and CFengine codes, the process should not take you more than 5-10 minutes. I have realized that CFEngine do not release binaries for OSX, so i used brew to get the latest CFEngine which was 3.4.1, while the latest at this time was 3.4.2. not bad! ha!. i had to download also the xcode command line tools to get make, gcc among other development tools to get things build and working.  No excuse on getting more familiar with CFengine in no time, especially that CFEngine senior security adviser and Orielly book "Learning CFengine 3" author sent me a chapter from his 3rd edition regarding vagrant and Behavioral testing for CFengine. 

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